Board & corporate governance

Governance is an important contributor to the success of BBA Avation and we take pride not only in what we do but also in the way we conduct our business and deliver our strategic objectives. The Board is committed to ensuring that appropriate standards of governance are maintained throughout the Group.


Board of Directors:BBA Aviation's Board comprises individuals with a wide range of complementary skills and experience.

Role of the Board:The Board takes collective responsibility for the success of the company. It provides effective leadership and is responsible for ensuring that obligations to shareholders are met.

Board Committees:The BBA Aviation Board operates a Remuneration Committee, a Nomination Committee and an Audit and Risk Committee.

Remuneration policy:BBA Aviation's remuneration policy is intended to promote the effective execution of the Group’s long-term strategy. It reflects BBA Aviation's vision, mission and values and is designed to retain and motivate key executives, encouraging them to take actions that will deliver exceptional long-term sustainable value for all our shareholders and stakeholders.

Internal controls:BBA Aviation's system of internal control is an ongoing process embedded in the group’s businesses for identifying, evaluating and managing the significant risks faced by the group.

External auditor:BBA Aviation's Audit and Risk Committee regularly reviews the independence and objectivity of the external auditor and the effectiveness of its audit process.