Company overview

BBA Aviation plc is headquartered in London and listed on the London Stock Exchange. BBA Aviation’s market leading businesses are focused on flight support services and the aviation aftermarket, primarily in the business and general aviation sector.


At a glance:BBA Aviation is dedicated to being the world's leading provider of aviation support and aftermarket services. BBA Aviation’s balanced portfolio of market-leading flight support and aftermarket services businesses support a broad spectrum of aviation market segments, including Business and General Aviation (B&GA), Commercial Aviation and Military Aviation.

What we do:Our Flight Support businesses provide specialist on-airport support services, including refuelling and ground handling, to the owners and operators of private, business and commercial aircraft. Our Aftermarket Services businesses principally repair and overhaul small thrust capacity gas turbine engines and service and support primarily legacy aerospace components, sub-systems and systems.

Company structure:BBA Aviation sets strategic direction and provides operational oversight to the Flight Support and Aftermarket Services divisions that go to market through their individual brands.

Where we operate:BBA Aviation operates at over 230 locations on 5 continents and has more than 13,000 employees worlwide.