Where we operate

BBA Aviation employs almost 15,000 people at over 300 locations worldwide. BBA Aviation has significant operations in North America, with over 80% of 2015 revenues generated there.


North America is the primary market for Business & General Aviation (B&GA) market with c70% of the business jet fleet based there. It is also the primary commercial aviation market with 30% of global commercial aviation movements. Europe has 10% of the world's business jets, South America 9%, Asia & Middle East 6% and Africa 3%.

Following the acquistion of Landmark Aviation, Signature had 195 locations globally, with 135 in North America. This number has since increased to 200 locations worldwide.

ASIG has nearly 90 locations worldwide with 41 at hub and large international airports - it manages 63 fuel farms.

ERO has 18 locations distributed to support customer requirements, including a new facility in Abu Dhabi.

Legacy Support has three locations in the UK, California and Singapore.