Where we operate

BBA Aviation employs around 13,000 people at over 220 locations worldwide. BBA Aviation has significant operations in North America, with over 75% of its revenues generated there. North America is the primary business & general aviation (B&GA) market with 68% of the B&GA fleet based there. It is also the primary commercial aviation market with 32% of global commercial aviation movements. In recent years, BBA Aviation has significantly expanded its operations in Europe and extended its reach in Asia, South America and Africa.


Signature has more than 120 locations, focused on regions with high business jet populations.

ASIG provides ground support services to commercial airlines at more than 80 locations worldwide, including 40 hub and large international airports, primarily in North America and Europe.

ERO operates 4 major engine overhaul facilities and 12 regional turbine centres in the US, Brazil, the UK and Singapore.

BBA Aviation's Legacy Support businesses are based in Chatsworth, California, Texas, Singapore and Cheltenham in the UK.