Renovation of Signature San Francisco

Utilising more energy and environmentally efficient technologies combined with green design and building practices, lowers BBA Aviation’s building and operating costs and reduces our impact on the environment in the long term. It is also valued by our customers and employees, all of whom benefit from improved facilities and a more comfortable environment.


In April 2009, Signature completed a full renovation of the executive terminal and two existing hangars at San Francisco International Airport, extending the footprint of the terminal by 30% and incorporating new, sustainable, architectural features, environmentally friendly materials and energy saving technologies. The renovation project delivered upgraded facilities for customers, crew and employees as well as reducing running costs and waste.

Signature San Francisco

Energy saving lighting is used to light the hangars as well as the executive terminal

Through the use of light harvesting, a more efficient heating and air conditioning system and the installation of T5 High Output lighting and occupancy sensors in the hangars, electricity usage at the facility has fallen significantly and other protocols have successfully reduced waste.

Alternative fuel ground handling equipment, including 5 bio-diesel refuelling trucks and 4 electric powered tow vehicles, is also being used on site and all employees are involved in day to day activities to reduce waste and recycle - and encourage users of the facility to do the same.

Signature San Francisco was awarded LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold CI certification in April 2010 in recognition of the significant steps taken to reduce the facility's impact on the environment. LEED is an internationally recognised green building certification system developed by the US Green Building Council. The Council provides third party verification that a building has been designed and built to save energy, reduce CO2 emissions and use other resources, such as water, more efficiently.

Knowledge gained from the renovation has been used in projects being undertaken across the global Signature network and has been shared across BBA Aviation group.

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Utilising more efficient technologies will allow us to reduce significantly the electricity consumption of many of our sites. T5 HO lighting, for example, combined with occupancy sensors provides one of the largest savings as they address one of our largest energy expenses – hangar lighting. With government incentives attached, payback for their installation can be within two years.’

Keith Heikkinen, Signature Corporate Facilities and Environmental Responsibility Manager