What drives us

BBA Aviation is dedicated to being the world’s leading provider of aviation support and aftermarket services with the overarching objective to deliver exceptional, long-term sustainable value for all our stakeholders.


Our values

Our employees are unified around a common set of values that are a vital and integral part of the way we do business. Every day we put our values into action with pride.

This objective is shared by all Group businesses which are individually and collectively focused on:

  • Consistently exceeding customer expectations;
  • Valuing and empowering our people in a zero incident, safe environment;
  • Encouraging innovation;
  • Working together for greater gain;
  • Always behaving with integrity and respect.

Our Vision, Mission and Values are what link all BBA Aviation companies and employees together as one team. They apply to everyone, and to all the businesses and functions across the BBA Aviation group.  They describe our operating system, what each of us focuses on, cares about, and the way we behave.

In order to support delivery of the vision, each year BBA Aviation’s Executive Management Committee sets a series of short and medium-term specific and measurable goals which are then cascaded throughout the group. Each business has actions aligned to the achievement of each of the short and medium-term goals, and the execution of those actions is actively monitored by Group management.

Our management

The BBA Aviation Executive Management Committee has 9 members who are responsible for the operational management of the company.

Our people

Our people are an important business differentiator for the group.


Our values