Our recruitment philosophy

BBA Aviation believes that talent is a valuable resource. Ensuring that we attract and retain people committed to the future success of the group is our primary aim. We create an environment that nurtures talent to ensure that people thrive and develop such that they achieve their maximum potential.


The first stage in any relationship with a business is selection. We pride ourselves on working to ensure that our selection process ensures that there is a good match between the role and the personal attributes of a new employee. Joining BBA Aviation is a commitment for both the recruit and the company.

At BBA Aviation we believe diversity enhances the performance and culture of our business and we apply this philosophy when seeking to find the best people to fill roles in our organisation.

Recognising that gender is only one particular form of diversity, and BBA Aviation is committed to all forms, as an illustration of our commitment we are pleased that across BBA Aviation's various management teams women make up between 15% and almost 30% of the population and we look forward to seeing this continue.

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