Our Community Involvement and Charitable Giving Framework sets out the approach we take to selecting relationships to take forward so that we are able to make a bigger difference by focusing our efforts on organizations and projects in four key areas:

  • Benefiting the communities in which we operate;
  • Aviation related activities;
  • Education programs; and
  • Engineering activities.

In many cases our businesses operate programs whereby our fundraising efforts are boosted by company contributions.

BBA Aviation parent company charitable giving programme 

Our local efforts are also complemented by the BBA Aviation parent company charitable giving programme which, twice a year, enables teams to request additional funds for the organizations they are involved in.

The programme has made more than $1.3m in donations since it was launched in 2010. Applications to the programme are reviewed by our Charitable Giving Committee and funds awarded to organizations that are local and with whom we have a demonstrable relationship, with preference given to those engaged in aviation, education or engineering related activities.