Every one of us is involved in our environmental efforts, from considering ways to reduce every day electricity use and recycling to behaving in a safe manner in order to avoid fuel or other spills.

We are guided by the following ideals:

  • We manage and strive to reduce environmental impact through the efficient use of resources;
  • We treat natural resources with respect and favour technologies that support our business objectives and deliver environmental benefits;
  • We are committed to reducing and preventing pollution and reducing emissions;
  • We work with customers and our supply chain to develop cost effective, sustainable products;
  • We comply with all local and international environmental and reporting legislation; and
  • We provide information to help our teams meet their environmental goals.

Every BBA Aviation site records and tracks resource use for both reporting purposes and to monitor the progress of projects to improve environmental performance. Every team also targets activities to reduce waste and increase the amount we recycle.

Carbon Disclosure Project

Since 2006, as BBA Aviation plc, we have participated in the Carbon Disclosure Project

Environmental Performance

We report the following environmental measures externally:

2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Electricity Consumption
KiloWattHr/$m revenue
55,188 51,829 48,155 54,884 50,676  49,349
GHG Emission Tonnes/$m revenue 61.45 57.25 49.54 53.42 53.41  48.67
Water Consumption 196 182 161 169 203  174