Creating Value                  

BBA Aviation is primarily focused on providing services to customers in the global Business & General Aviation (B&GA) market. We are focused on delivering exceptional, long-term sustainable value through optimizing the network effect of Signature’s unique global FBO portfolio and leveraging our technical and customer expertise at Signature and at our Ontic and ERO aftermarket services businesses.

Creating Value                  

Group Business Model

In Signature we have a unique and high quality global network of more than 200 FBO locations that can meet more of the needs of our customers at most of the locations they want to fly to.

Our Markets

Private and business travel using B&GA aircraft is a productivity and efficiency tool, particularly in North America, where there are significant distances between large populations.


The Group and each of our businesses have aligned strategies that enable us to compete effectively, deliver through-cycle growth and drive long-term sustainable value.

Enabling flight; expanding horizons

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Company Performance

BBA Aviation’s financial KPIs are aligned with the four pillars of our strategy.