Together, the ERO businesses have strong and established relationships with all the major engine Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), authorizing them to undertake work on 80% of engines powering the B&GA fleet and over 65% of engines powering the rotorcraft fleet. The companies also provide engine accessory parts and component repair services.

ERO’s main repair facilities are located in the USA, UK and Abu Dhabi and are supplemented by 9 regional turbine centres across the USA, UK, Singapore and Brazil. A roster of field service technicians is available to respond quickly to in-field engine issues around the globe.

ERO customers are private and commercial operators of aircraft in the global B&GA, regional airline and rotorcraft fleets, flying with engines in the sub 25,000 lb thrust category.

Key Services

  • Full engine overhauls
  • Scheduled engine repairs
  • On-wing in-field repairs
  • Aircraft-On-Ground (AOG) support
  • Engine accessory parts
  • Component repair

What Sets Us Apart

  • Intellectual property in the form of authorizations for 80% of the B&GA fleet and over 65% of the rotorcraft fleet
  • Service and support in customer relevant locations
  • In-field capability in the USA and across the world
  • Long-standing customer relationships with a global network of more than 8,000 customers
  • Technical capability and efficient processes in new state-of-the-art facilities