H+S Aviation has a strong relationship with GE and, when the company made a request for global field assistance for remedial action on its new CT7-2E1 engine, the team swung into action.

The task required on the engines was very specific and involved a process that had not been undertaken before. 70 engines were initially highlighted as possibly affected, all of which had to have a mandatory check and then adjustments undertaken if required.

A team of two H+S Aviation engineers flew at short notice to attend a 2-day intensive course at the GE facility in Massachusetts on how to perform the required task and were then deployed around the world to various customer facilities/helicopters, with all logistics managed by H+S Aviation.

The team have travelled and supported the requirement since late 2015/early 2016, attending in excess of 80 engines. Some engineers have been away for up to three weeks at a time, working various patterns including weekends and evenings to accommodate specific customer requirements and different cultures, often having to arrange travel with less than 24 hours’ notice.

The H+S Aviation GE Field Service and Customer Support teams were the worthy winners of BBA Aviation’s Customer Relationships and Service VMV Award.

“This was a difficult task and there were some challenges along the way but we worked hard to deliver everything asked of us by both GE and its customers, all of whom were delighted with the outcome and by our commitment to customer service. We worked as a team and approached the campaign with professionalism and flexibility, enabling us to enjoy the project and get the job done.”

Graeme Tegerdine, Customer Support Engineer, H+S Aviation