Annual Report 2016

A transformational year for BBA Aviation

During the year we have:

  • Materially expanded the size of Signature and created a unique global network of FBO locations
  • Focused the Group on higher value-added, better IP-protected, strong ROIC and cash generative businesses
  • Successfully integrated Landmark Aviation and delivered faster than anticipated cost synergies

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$2,149.1 million
Revenue continuing operations up 25%
$302.6 million
Underlying operating profit continuing operations up 67%
Earnings per share continuing operations up 8%
Return on Invested Capital

2016 Revenue Splits

2016 Revenue Splits continuing operations

Chairman’s Statement

“BBA Aviation delivered a strong overall performance in 2016 and has made excellent strategic progress.”

Sir Nigel Rudd, Chairman

Q&A with Group Chief Executive

“We have been effective over a number of years in executing our strategy of building leadership positions in businesses that show good underlying growth, where we can create or enhance barriers to entry and that generate cash and deliver sustainable returns.”

2016 Overview

2016 was a transformational year for BBA Aviation. Effective execution of our strategy and continued operational delivery has significantly repositioned the Group and materially enhanced its growth prospects and value creation potential.