Board & Corporate Governance

The Board is committed to ensuring high standards of corporate governance are maintained throughout the Group and applies the principles of corporate governance set out in the UK Corporate Governance Code.

Board & Corporate Governance

Board of Directors

BBA Aviation’s Board comprises individuals with a wide range of complementary skills and experience.

“The Board believes that high standards of governance are an important contributor to the financial and operating success of the Group.

We take pride in the way we conduct our business in order to deliver BBA Aviation’s strategic objectives.”

Sir Nigel Rudd, Chairman

Role of the Board

The Board is collectively responsible for ensuring the continuing long-term success of BBA Aviation and the delivery of long-term, sustainable value for all of BBA Aviation’s stakeholders.

Board Committees

The Board operates a Remuneration Committee, a Nomination Committee and an Audit and Risk Committee.

Risk Management

We are committed to effective risk management which supports the achievement of our strategic objectives.

Annual General Meeting

BBA Aviation’s AGM is held in May.