Flight Support

ASIG is the world’s leading independent refueler with operations at more than 80 airports worldwide. It safely delivers flexible and comprehensive solutions including refuelling, fuel farm management, ground handling, aircraft technical support services, facilities equipment maintenance and de-icing with considerable technical expertise at airports in North America, Central America, Europe and Asia.


ASIG’s operations are focused on large international and regional hub airports with high numbers of commercial aircraft movements. Its reach, technical capability and wide range of services enables it to provide system wide agreements for individual airlines at a range of locations and location specific contracts where it provides services to individual airlines and consortia at large airports. ASIG has more than 600 customers worldwide and operates 63 fuel farms. It handles more than 4.5 million flights a year and pumps more than 12 billion gallons of fuel.


ASIG’s global head office and senior management team are located in Orlando, Florida.