We are all committed to the highest level of ethical conduct and to acting in accordance with legislation, best practice in areas such as human rights and equal opportunities and BBA Aviation’s own policies on how we do business. Everyone is encouraged to speak up should they have any concerns about policies being breached or behaviors that fall short of our standards and regular information, training and support is provided to deepen understanding of the importance of these issues.

Compliance with our policies is monitored through BBA Aviation’s internal audit process and through both informal and formal reporting processes. Any breach is taken extremely seriously.

Human rights

We respect the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labour Organization’s core conventions and are guided by their provisions when conducting business.

Code of Business Ethics

Our Code of Business Ethics and other policies cover:

  • Compliance with laws and regulations;
  • Fair competition;
  • Bribery and corruption;
  • Reporting of management information;
  • Conflicts of interest;
  • Protection of proprietary information and company assets;
  • Trading on inside information;
  • Gifts and entertainment.

Everyone at BBA Aviation is expected to conduct themselves according to both the language and the spirit of the code and to ensure that third parties acting on behalf of BBA Aviation commit to do the same. Anyone aware of any violation or potential violation is required to report it immediately via their manager, HR, another senior person or by calling our 24-hour disclosure of unethical conduct hotline.