It drives the way we approach relationships with all our stakeholders and to everything else that contributes to the successful progress of our business and the delivery of our overarching goal of creating exceptional long-term, sustainable value.

We focus on innovation and continuous improvement in every area and our teams work together to share best practices within their own operations and functions and across the Group wherever possible. This is done both informally as a general way of working and more formally through Group committees such as the Innovation and Continuous Improvement Committee (iCI), responsible for supporting continuous improvement initiatives and the development of knowledge; the Business Alliance Team which looks at how we can leverage customer relationships across the Group and the BBA Aviation Procurement Council.

We report externally on a range of sustainability and CR KPIs alongside those relating to financial performance but we also operate with internal expectations and aspirations that motivate all of us – from our business leaders to our ramp and shop teams – to do the very best we can. Every one of us has a part to play and we have programs running across BBA Aviation that recognize those that make a contribution above and beyond expectations.