Our goal is zero preventable incidents (ZIPP) and our health and safety strategy seeks to deliver a proactive safety culture and environment at all sites to make this achievable. Every one of us takes responsibility for safety – our own, that of co-workers and for the areas we work in - and, with the help of our local health and safety teams, for identifying ways to improve performance, from reporting near misses and hazards to speaking up when procedures aren’t working or are not being followed. BBA Aviation’s cross-business Safety Council directs and monitors progress and is responsible for co-ordinating best practice and new initiatives.

Safety performance

Recordable Incident Rate (RIR) is BBA Aviation’s primary external health and safety reporting metric. RIR measures the number of full time employees out of every 100 that sustain a recordable injury or illness in the period. ZIPP, zero preventable incidents, is BBA Aviation’s internal safety reporting metric and every site’s goal. The ZIPP measure accounts for reported incidents that are deemed, through a clear process, to have been non-preventable such as those caused by a third-party or Acts of God.

In 2016 BBA Aviation's Group RIR was 1.79 and 130 out of 210 reporting sites achieved zero RIR.