We believe in an inclusive culture where there is no differentiation in behaviour or actions relating to an individual’s race, ethnicity or creed, gender, age or orientation that could be considered offensive or exclusionary, and we strive to accommodate personal needs. We value diversity of background and experience, believing them to enhance the performance and culture of our business and apply this philosophy when seeking qualified individuals to fill roles across the Group.

We provide every member of the team with equal opportunities to thrive, as well as specific and relevant job-related training designed to expand individual capabilities and give people the tools needed to reach their potential. We listen to all points of view, encourage everyone to have their say in both formal and informal ways and then we act on what we hear.

Ensuring that BBA Aviation attracts, develops and retains the best people is vital to the Group’s success and the achievement of our goals. You can find out more about jobs available at BBA Aviation by using the jobs tools in this section of the website.